Venus Ethos

The Venus Nightclub in Manchester, UK is the No 1 venue for house music clubbing across Manchester and 5 minutes walk from the Arndale Center, in Manchester’s City Centre. Our fantastic line up of DJ’s provide a wealth of skill, knowledge and range of house music, from funky house and retro to hard, techno and electric house music to keep the nightclub pumping, all night long!

Entrance to Venus

Venus does not offer any guarenteed guest list or guarenteed entry. We have set the standard in the North West for having the strictest door in the area, the team on our door have over 30 years experience between them and know exactly who you want to be clubbing with and what type of attitudes need to be keptout.

Venus Moto

“We would rather have quality than quantity”, is our moto, and it is that together with our unique blend of music, fantastic crowd and atmosphere that ensures the Venus night club goes from strength to strength, as each week and year goes by.

Each week Venus brings you the UK’s cream of the crop house DJ’s that are not there because of a name, but because they know how to rock “OUR” crowd. Many of them becoming legends because of it! That is why every week the nightclub is packed to the rafters with most up for it and friendliest crowd on the planet. It doesn’t get any better!

So why not join us every week for the party of your life! We don’t want to be the biggest and don’t want to be the most profitable, we want to give the nice people of Manchester somewhere to let your hair down in the knowledge that there are like minded people enjoying their night as much as you. We like nice people, and people who don’t care who you are, where you are from or what you do – they are just up for a good time!!!

Looking After You at Venus

Here at Venus we take pride in looking after our staff, DJs and most importantly…you. If you are unfortunate enough to loose any items at Venus please check our Facebook Page after the event as we often post lost items on there. We return mobile phones, handbags, passports, car keys and everything else you can imagine that is lost at Venus. If you can’t see your item listed please email or call us Tues-Thurs on 01618347288 where we will look for your items.

Flip Flops – If you visit Venus on any event and require some flat shoes, please don’t hesitate to contact the cloakroom where we will supply flip flops for a small charge and look after your shoes until you decide to leave. (Subject to availability)

Mobile Phone Charging – When inside Venus you will notice 3 booths in Room 2, each one of these booths has a USB charging port on the wall and for a £5 deposit you can borrow one of our iPhone 4/5, Blackberry or Samsung chargers.

Free soft drinks for designated drivers – If you are driving your friends to and from Venus, we salute you. Venus offers free soft drinks (coke/diet coke/lemonade/orange/cranberry) to you all night, just show your car keys to one of the bar supervisors. Please don’t abuse this perk, any person who seems intoxicated will not be served free soft drinks. #LoyaltyPays

Free Wifi – Venus offers FREE wifi to all our customers, once inside Venus just find ‘Venus Free Wifi’ and you’ll be able to contact friends via iMessage, Facebook and Twitter for FREE.

Free Hairdryers in ladies toilets – Venus offers FREE hairdryers in the ladies toilets, for the great british weather. These hairdryers are similar to hotel room dryers.

Free booths for that special occasion – Venus offers FREE booths for that special occasion. Please email to check availability. If you bring over 8 guests, you will all receive a free glass of Prosecco too.

Set taxi fares home – Venus has paired up with Street Cars Manchester, check out our Transport page for more info.